WP 5 - Project management

WP5 leader: Caroline Sautot
INRA Transfert - IT - France
E-mail: caroline.sautot@paris.inra.fr


WP5 has a three-fold objective:

  • At the strategic level, it will steer the project to address all unexpected situations, be these scientific, technological, societal or political.
  • At the operational level, it will ensure that the project progresses in conformity with the work plan with regard to overall progress, milestones, deliverables, and planned resources.
  • At the organisational level, it will manage the financial, logistics, information, coordination issues and ensure procedures are put in place to ensure quality and conformity to EC rules and procedures.

Description of work and role of participants

  • MA5.1 – Strategy steering:
  • MA5.2 – Project monitoring
  • MA5.3 – Administrative and Financial Management


  • D1: HabEat kick off meeting M2
  • D3: HabEat collaborative platform M4
  • D8: Updated project management guidelines M25