Habeat-symposium - Agenda

DAY 1: Monday 31st March 2014

13:00-14:00        Registration (FREE)

Session 1 “Infant feeding & complementary feeding”

14:00-14:05    Welcome – Luc Penicaud, CNRS & Sylvie Issanchou - INRA, France

14:05-14:20    Introduction: Sylvie Issanchou - INRA, France

14:20-15:10    How influential is early experience with food-related odours and flavours: a look at paradoxes: Benoist Schaal - CNRS, France

15:10-15:35    Early feeding practices and later food habits: Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain - INSERM, France

15:35-16:00    Early feeding practices and child's growth: Yannis Manios - Harokopio University, Greece

16:00-17:00    Poster session 1 & Coffee break

17:00-17:25    Introduction of vegetables in the diet: Lucy Cooke - University of London, UK

17:25-18:30    Discussions
Introduction: Carla Lopes - University of Porto, Portugal

20:00-22:30    Gala diner (FREE)

DAY 2: Tuesday 1st April 2014

Session 2 “Eating behaviour in toddlers and young children”

09:00-09:20    Learning to like vegetables: introducing the HabEat experiments: Marion Hetherington – University of Leeds, UK

09:20-09:45    Strategies for learning to eat and like new vegetables: Victoire de Wild - Wageningen University, the Netherlands

09:45-10:10    Interventions to increase vegetable intake in early childhood: Gertrude Zeinstra - Stitching DLO, the Netherlands

10:10-10:35    Modelling the role of individual differences in the effectiveness of interventions to increase vegetable intake in childhood: Pam Blundell – University of Leeds, UK

10:35-11:35    Poster session 2 & Coffee break

11:35-12:00    Control of food intake and impact of parental practices: Sophie Nicklaus - INRA, France

12:00-13:00    Discussions
Introduction: Pauline Emmett - University of Bristol, UK

13:00-14:30    Lunch (FREE)

Session 3 “Translating science into practice”

14:30-15:20    Promising interventions and research areas in complementary feeding and healthy growth promotion: Kim Fleischer Michaelsen - University of Copenhagen, Denmark

15:20-16:00    General discussion on recommendations and conclusion

16:00         End of symposium