2011/04 - HabEat first annual meeting in Athens, Greece - 12-14/04/2011

The first HabEat annual meeting took place in Athens, Greece on 12th and 13th April 2011 and a joint meeting with ENERGY project on 14th April 2011.


Joint Meeting HabEat-ENERGY:

Short introduction to the HabEat project by Dr. Sylvie + WP1: "Age at weaning and fruit and vegetables intake at 2 or 3 years" by Dr Marie-Aline Charles + WP2: "Learning to like vegetables: effects of repeated exposure and associative conditioning" by Dr. Marion Hetherington


• INRA (Sofia Bouhlal & Sophie Nicklaus & Sylvie Issanchou): Does toddlers’ food intake vary according to variations in fat, salt or sugar level in foods?
• DLO-FBR (Dr. Gertrude Zeinstra, Dr. Stefanie Kremer & Dr. Valesca Kooijman): HabEat: Encouraging healthy eating in children
• WUR (Victoire de Wild, Gerry Jager & Kees de Graaf):
Flavour nutrient learning as a mechanism to increase children’s preference for vegetables 
• UCPH (Annemarie Olsen & Per Moller): Increasing vegetable intake in children: a comparison of three learning methods
• UCL (Alison Fildes, Dr Lucy Cooke & Professor Jane Wardle): TASTE - Trial of Advice in Starting Taste Exposure
• UNIBRIS (Louise Jones, Pauline Emmett & Kate Northstone): Infant feeding practices in the UK (ALSPAC)