2012/10 - Opaline meeting:

Opaline meeting: "Understanding the early development of food preferences and eating behaviour in children" in Dijon, France: http://www.opaline-dijon.fr/workshop_2012.html

- The partner INRA made an oral presentation: "Insight on the HabEat project ‘Determining factors and critical periods in food Habit formation and breaking in Early childhood: a multidisciplinary approach’"

- The partner INRA presented 3 posters:
"Development of new tools to assess child’s eating behavior: child’s food preferences and parental feeding practices associated with child’s self-regulation"
"Comparison of Repeated exposure, Flavour-Flavour Learning, Flavour-Nutrient Learning to increase artichoke intake in weaning infants"
"Food intake regulation in children: relation to BMI, age and parental feeding practices"

- The partner INSERM made an oral presentation: "Early feeding practices and food intake in toddlers"